1. Return to dietary ketosis. Engage in mindful eating. No recreational eating.
  2. Work out daily and work on baseline testing to ascertain baseline stats as I move into dietary ketosis.
  3. Focus on eating for health rather than goals on the scale and see where it goes.
  4. Sleep 7 hours per night.
  1. Get deeper into dietary ketosis. I’m going to strive for total carbs to get to less than 50 gm per day. I’m a little looser than 30 because of my activity level.
  2. Work out daily and increase strength: Goal: 100 miles on bike, 12 miles running. Pushups daily and stealth core daily. Achieve 50 pushups per day (not consecutively) by Sunday. Achieve 4 minutes of Stealth Core. Use RipRow for 10 minutes per day. On the mountain bike strength and core is everything for sustaining endurance riding without fatigue. (I just don’t enjoy it, so I tend to slack on it.)
  3. Focus on mindfulness. Meditate daily. Limit social media to < 30 minutes per day. For me, mindless internet leads to other mindless behaviors (eating).
  4. Sleep 7 hours per night. Go to bed at a consistent bedtime (in bed by 9:30PM).



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Patricia George

Patricia George

Physician, athlete, and lover of the outdoors. Seeking to understand how we manifest our best selves. Inspired by hope. Opinions are my own.