Looking back on 2021, especially at this moment, it is hard to look beyond the extremely difficult time we have gone through: We have felt direct impacts of the pandemic, global warming and an assault on our democracy, and these crises remain front and center as I write this (more…

Initially written in Instagram on 12/30/2018

As we close out 2018, I have a question to ask: What were your top game changers of the year? I have 7 things that literally changed my life or understanding of life in 2018. Here they are:

  1. Peloton — This bike and program…

But when I needed her most.

Sixteen and a half years ago after a long, hard day at work as a pulmonary fellow, an orange furball toddled into my lap.

We lived a rich life together — in Pittsburgh and then Denver.

Her loss still aches in my soul.


Wake up. “Good morning, Presby.”

The sound of kibble tumbling into her food dish.

The smell of coffee dripping into my coffee cup.

Crunch, crunch. She takes a few bites. I take a sip.

She waits for me at the glass door, sitting, tail wrapped around her front paws.


Did you know there are different types of fun? Endurance athletes often talk about the fun scale with various activities. What are the different types of fun?

Type 1 — Fun is fun, right as you do it, like riding your bike down a stretch of flowy single track through…

CT 1, PG 0 = a personal win

Picture of PG at the high point of the Colorado Trail
At the high point of the Colorado Trail

At the end of the day there is nothing but the journey, because the destination is an illusion. — Rich Roll

I’ve raced a lot of ultra endurance bike races and can definitively say that the Colorado Trail Race (CTR) is the most challenging race I have ever attempted. In…

Patricia George

Physician, athlete, and lover of the outdoors. Seeking to understand how we manifest our best selves. Inspired by hope. Opinions are my own.

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